Here’s How To Find Out What’s Going On
Beneath The Surface In Your Marriage

There’s a hidden driving force behind every word and action you exchange with your spouse…


They’re what bring passion, love, and connection to a relationship - but just as easily, they can also spur outbursts, tension, and grudges that linger for years.

That’s why learning how to understand and manage the emotions at play in your marriage is absolutely critical to see whether or not it can evolve to feel good for both of you.

Once you understand how to identify and interpret all of the feelings at play, you’ll see your marriage in a whole new light, unlocking a clearer & shorter path to happiness than you ever thought possible.

You miss the early days of your relationship when desire felt easy. 

Maybe you’re spending less time together (or more time fighting).

Maybe you’re considering leaving your marriage - or at least taking some time apart.

Your emotional connection is what brought you together…


But these days, it feels like emotions are what’s tearing you apart.


Like a roller coaster, every day brings highs and lows - good moments that remind you of the connection you used to share, and emotional turmoil that feels impossible to avoid as the arguing, resentment, and tension builds.

Until now, you’ve been at the mercy of this roller coaster.


You’re powerless to whatever feelings arise for you, and you can only make blind assumptions of the intent behind your spouse’s words and actions.


It’s not fair to you. It’s not fair to them.


And it makes for an exhausting, confusing, and, ultimately, hopeless ride.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Understanding the emotions at play in your marriage can open the door to new epiphanies, perspective shifts, and superpowers that completely change the course of your relationship.

Emotional mastery is the secret to:

  • Feeling as good as you can every single day

  • Discovering your spouse’s true thoughts and intentions

  • Identifying & understanding emotional abuse (and how common it really is)

That’s why I’ve gathered my 3 best courses on emotional mastery and put them together in a special course bundle, Emotionally Drained: Solutions For Tense Marriages.

  • Course #1: 3 Steps To Emotional Mastery

You have more power over your emotions than you think! In this course, you’ll learn how to work through your negative emotions so you can feel as good as you can at all times.

  • How to disconnect your emotions from circumstances (so you can still choose to feel good even when your spouse isn’t cooperating)

  • How to climb the Emotional Ladder towards how you truly want to feel (once you stop viewing your emotional state as “all or nothing,” everything will change!)

  • How to de-escalate your spouse’s outbursts and take control of the energy in the room (so everyone feels seen, heard, and understood)

  • What really happens when you allow yourself to feel negative emotions (it’s the exact opposite of what most people think!)

  • What to do if you’ve gotten used to feeling “meh” most days (life can be SO much more - here’s how!)

  • Course #2: Emotional Abuse in Intimate Relationships

In this course, I’ll walk you through all the signs of emotional abuse so you can gain clarity about your relationship and find healthy ways to move forward.

  • How we justify overlooking bad behavior (and don’t call it what it is)

  • Warning signs of emotional abuse to watch for (making you tiptoe around them, threatening to hurt themselves if you leave, seeming to enjoy watching you suffer, etc.)

  • The forms of abuse seldom talked about (stonewalling, neglect, withholding, etc.)

  • What happens when we try to ignore or “just deal with” emotional abuse

  • What emotional abuse ISN’T (so you can be confident in your view of the relationship)

  • 3 things to do right away if you suspect you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship

  • Course #3: Emotions Are A Woman’s Superpower

Learn all the ways men and women experience emotions differently so you can set realistic expectations for your spouse and embrace your emotional superpowers as a woman.

  • How women and men are genetically & evolutionarily hard-wired to interpret and express emotions differently

  • Is he being cold on purpose - or is he truly unable to read your emotions? Here’s how to tell

  • The forms of abuse seldom talked about (stonewalling, neglect, withholding, etc.)

  • What happens when we try to ignore or “just deal with” emotional abuse

  • What emotional abuse ISN’T (so you can be confident in your view of the relationship)

  • 3 things to do right away if you suspect you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship

Through these 3 courses, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your marriage and emotions, allowing you to navigate conflict and connect with your spouse like never before.

Best of all, these courses are completely self-guided. You’ll gain immediate upfront access to all of the materials, but you can consume them at whatever pace feels comfortable to you.

All the information is available in video format with transcripts so you can not only go at your own pace, but you can go back and revisit any of the lessons as needed!

By the end, you’ll be empowered to navigate your marriage with grace, understanding, and agency.

These courses normally sell for a combined total of $297…

But until midnight on Friday, December 30th, you can get my entire Emotionally Drained: Solutions For Tense Marriages Course Bundle for just $97.

That’s $200 OFF!

As soon as you place your order, you’ll receive an email with instant access to all 3 courses.

“I’m so grateful to The Universe for pointing me to Sharon Pope. I’ve been with My Husband for 31 years and I feel like we’ve just met. Who knows where we will go, but finally I’m enjoying the journey - Thanks to this amazing course.”

“This program was helpful in so many relationships and circumstances. I honestly would recommend it to anyone, not just people that are trying to decide whether or not to end their marriage. Great content, and great references to other thought leaders. I want Sharon to be my bff!”

“I’m feeling a lot of shifts. I feel so free – that free feeling I was chasing is present now. It’s made room for joy. I haven’t felt in so long – just in my daily routine, joy in being with my husband, my family, myself."

I’m a Relationship Expert who helps women get the tools they need to improve, heal, or release their struggling marriages. I’m a 7X international bestselling author on love and relationships and I’ve been published dozens of times in various publications, including The New York Times, HuffPost, and more.

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